1. The competition will be carried out in one group.

  2. The Regular season consists of one phase in which a double round robin is played.

  3. Ranking in the table will be decided during the regular season, until the second last game day, by a higher number of points, with the same number of points by better goal difference and then by higher number of goals scored.

    After the last game day of regular season, ranking is made by Fundamental Rules Part II: §5(4).
    ICE2223 koeffizienten tabelle

    Ranking league coefficient-table by level on points:
    By level on points in the coefficient table, the club, which was ranked better in the last season, is ranked first. New teams are ranked below the last team listed. If there are more than one new club they are listed inside the new clubs as following: per date and time of the registration for the depending season (earliest is best ranked)