1. Press conference
    The press conference is an information event for media representatives. At the same time, press conferences represent a "showcase" for the club and the league.

    1. The press conference is to begin at the latest 15 minutes after the end of the game.

    2. The moderator is to run the press conference in a neutral and objective manner. A maximum of two representatives – including the coach or athletic director – per club will be permitted for the purpose of providing information.

    3. The press conference is to be held in the appropriate national language and in case of international representatives and needs in English. Should a club representative not have a sufficient command of the German language, his/her statements must be translated by an interpreter or by the moderator.

  2. Open locker rooms
    As an alternative to the press conference, it is also possible to offer "open locker rooms". The open locker room is to begin at the latest 15 minutes after the end of the game.

    1. Representatives of the two teams (including the coach or athletic director) must be present in the mixed zone for interviews at the latest 15 minutes after the end of the game.

    2. The home club is required to grant radio, print and internet media representative’s free access to its locker room for a period of 15 minutes and to ensure that interviews can be conducted.

    3. Interview requests involving players from the visiting team must be coordinated by the media relations officers of both teams.

    4. All television interviews must be carried out in front of the official ICE Hockey League logo wall in the mixed zone.

      1. Pre-Game Interviews:
        The requested interview partners (players, head coach, club representatives, etc.) must be available between 105 minutes to 90 minutes (with Puls24 and other TV partner double productions 110 minutes to 90 minutes) before face-off for game-day and game-related TV interviews. The interview partners for pre-recording will be sent to the respective press officer in writing 24 hours before the game. Should the desired interview partner be prevented or refuses the interview, then at least the team captain or assistant and the head coach must be made available as an interview partner.

      2. Interviews during the game:
        Interview partners during the game (power break, break between periods, etc.) are announced by the TV partners to the respective club/club media representatives.

      3. Post-Game Interviews:
        The interview partners requested must be available to the TV partner/media partner for at least 30 minutes after the end of the game.

        In Puls24 games, the head coach of the losing team is waiting on the players' bench for a quick post-game interview. The manager of the winning team is also waiting for his interview, which usually takes place after the losing team’s coach.

        Further interviews are made on the editorial discretion, however, each team has up to and including 30 minutes after the end of a game to provide the captain and assistants for interviews.

    5. The TV host broadcaster or other TV stations which do a live broadcast of an ICE Hockey League game are allowed produce film material inside the player locker rooms until 1 hour before the start of the warm-ups. This has to be agreed between the TV partner and the media responsible person of the club. After the game only access to the locker room of the winning team is allowed to produce film material. The respective team has to make sure that those film productions can be done without any longer delay.