1. The game schedule announced by the ICE Hockey League is an integral part of this GameBook.

  2. Where necessary, the game schedule will be updated by the ICE Hockey League and announced to the clubs.

  3. Start times:
       Regular Season   Play-Offs   
    Face-off ServusTV 1) SKY 1) Face-Off ServusTV 1) SKY 1)
    Mon - Fri 7.15 pm* 7.15 pm 7.15 pm 7.15 pm*  7.15 pm 7.15 pm
    Sat 5.30pm / 7.15 pm TBA TBA 5.30 pm / 7.15 pm TBA TBA
    Sun / Holiday 4 pm / 5.30 pm** 5.30 pm TBA 4 pm / 5.30 pm**  5.30 pm TBA
      * ZNO 6.30 pm | HCB 7.45 pm | AVS 6.45 pm
    ** HCB add 6 pm | AVS 5.45 pm
    1) subject to other programming times

    The respective holidays of the organizing club are valid. Exceptions from these standardized starting times are only valid after the written confirmation of the league office.

    Variations on single game days need the approval of the ICE Hockey League.

  4. Length of breaks
    Intermissions: Purposeful Overrunning of the defined intermission lengths by a club will be penalized according to the ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalogue.

      Regular Season Play-Off
    1st period 20 min 20 min
    1st break 17 min 17 min
    2nd period 20 min 20 min
    2nd break 17 min 17 min
    3rd period 20 min 20 min
    3rd break 1 min 15 min
    Overtime 5 min 20 min
    4th break   15 min
    (Sudden Victory OT)   20 min
    ...   ...

  5. Any award ceremony, specials event, etc. have to conclude before the presentation of the starting six. Only the honorary faceoff is allowed directly before the start of the game. Only arena staff, players and referees, are allowed on the ice before the puck drop. The official starting times of the game must be observed sharply. In the case of repeated delay of the official starting times, the ICE Hockey League Justice Commission will impose disciplinary sanctions.

  6. The starting times for all games held on the last two game days of the regular season must be standardized. If the regular season has more phases, the starting times of the last two game days must be standardized for each phase.

  7. In the case a team has a playoff game scheduled for a date in which their arena is unavailable, the club in question must arrange an alternative venue. This alternative venue must be in line with all rules, in terms of security and sports regulations. If the team has no alternative venue available, the team loses the right for home ice on this game.