1. Each club must provide the ICE Hockey League with the name of its referee attendant by August 31st, of each respective year. The referee attendant may not have any other official function (e.g., manager) in the club and must behave in a neutral manner vis-à-vis the referees at all times. The ICE Hockey League Administrative Office will compile the relevant list and make it available to the referees.

  2. The referee attendant serves as the referee’s contact person for communication with the club as well as food and beverages; the assistant must generally remain in the vicinity of the referees' dressing room 45 minutes before and 30 minutes after each game. The referees' attendant may only enter the referees' dressing room in order to carry out his/her duties or if asked to do so by the referees. With the exception of the official scorekeeper, the referee attendant is the only club representative who may enter the referees' dressing room.

  3. Due to the international referee exchange program, it is necessary for the referee attendant in question to be able to communicate in English in order to provide support for non-German-speaking referees. At least one person with a command of the English language must be assigned to the officials' panel for the games in question.

  4. The referee attendant is responsible to notify the referees about the remaining time until the next period starts (5 and 3 minutes prior to the beginning). (viz. §8 (10))