1. Subject to these Procedure Regulations, advertising during ICE Hockey League games is generally unrestricted and is the responsibility of the clubs.

  2. Advertising is defined as the promotion of goods and services in connection with commercial services, in connection with commercial trade and the mention or display of names, company names, emblems, logos, written characters, images or other depictions of companies, products, services or other objects as well as the corresponding references to them, including brands, service marks and equipment for services, for promotional purposes.

  3. Advertising which violates applicable law or the generally accepted principles of sports, especially the principle of political and religious neutrality, is not permitted.

  4. Advertising must not distort or alienate the fundamental message of sports, which refers to a comparison of performance in the course of a fair competition. The independence of sports in general and the uniqueness of sporting activities in particular must be given absolute priority.

  5. The ICE Hockey League may prohibit clubs from carrying out specific advertising activities for important reasons, especially in the overall interest of the league.