These equipment standards are written in the spirit of “fair play” and are a supplement to the IIHF Rule Book. If at any time the ICE Hockey League Department of Hockey Operations feels that this spirit is being abused, the offending equipment will be deemed ineligible for play until a hearing has ruled on this eligibility.

Beginning January 1st, 2013, the ICE Hockey League Department of Hockey Operations is specifically authorized to make a check of each teams’ equipment to ensure the compliance with these rules. It shall report its findings to the ICE Hockey League Director of Hockey Operations.

A team may no longer request the measurement of any goalkeeper equipment, with the exception of a goalkeeper’s stick. All rules in the IIHF Rule Book and ICE Hockey League Case Book that may be affected in whole or in part in regard to goalkeeper measurements, with the exception of the goalkeeper’s stick, will no longer be in effect. The ICE Hockey League GameBook Part L | Goalie Measures & Players Equipment will be the official document in regard to goalkeeper equipment.