Each club must have a minimum, two different sets of game jerseys, in addition to warm-up jerseys (if desired).

  1. Warm-up jerseys must bear the ICE Hockey League logo, with a height of 12cm (the width of the logo results from the height), on the left side of the chest. These logos are to be applied using patches provided by the ICE Hockey League Office or by printing the logos directly on the jerseys. Other jersey surfaces can be used for advertising purposes.

  2. Each ICE Hockey League club has to ensure that all jerseys (white, dark) bear the league season logogram with a size of 55mm x 90mm (B x H) in the left corner on the front and backside of each jersey. This league season logo will be provided each year by the ICE Hockey League.

  3. The drafts of jersey designs must be presented to the ICE Hockey League Office for approval by July 15th each year.

    1. In this context, the ICE Hockey League Office explicitly reserves the right to make corrections to the jersey and sock colors in order to ensure that the competing team’s jersey and sock can be distinguished by the referee, the television broadcasters covering the games, the spectators, stats people and ICE Hockey League Hockey Operations.

    2. One original sample of all jerseys and socks to be used in league play must be presented for final approval before the start of the season. In this context, it is especially important to note that the jerseys and socks must already include the sponsors' logos.

    3. Special jerseys (Christmas, playoffs, etc.) also have to be presented for approval before being used in ICE Hockey League GameBook Part A §7 apply analogously to such jerseys and socks.

    4. Objections will be communicated to the club in question along with a request to remedy the problem within a specified period of time. Should a club fail to remedy the problem by the time the specified period elapses, the club will be penalized in accordance with the ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalog.