1. The difference between the starting times of two games by the same team, inclusive of all players, must be a minimum of 10 hours.

    No player can be called upon to play in an ICE Hockey League game without a minimum 10 hour separation between games; inclusive of all leagues.

    In determining if a player participated in a game, if the player in question was named on an official game sheet, he/she will be considered to have participated.

    Exception: if a goalie was listed on a game sheet in a previous game (within 10-hour rule) and did not participate on the ice, he may be eligible to play, subject to ICE Hockey League approval.

  2. Players’ Bench

    1. Apart from the players indicated on the official game sheet, a maximum of seven officials per club may be present on the players' benches during the game. The officials must be identified appropriately on the score sheet. If not listed on the official score sheet no other persons will be permitted on the players benches.

    2. A player or club official who is charged with a match penalty or a game misconduct penalty may not return to the ice or the players' bench during the game.