1. Every ICE Hockey League game is subject to two 45 second commercial timeouts per period.

  2. These timeouts occur after the whistle following the 14:00 mark and the 8:00 mark.

  3. Television timeouts cannot take place:

    1. After an icing call

    2. During a power play*

    3. After a goal

    4. If a penalty shot call has been called

  4. If a commercial timeout is not taken during the prescribed time slot, it will be made up for at the first whistle in the next commercial break time slot. The second commercial will then be taken two whistles after the first commercial break is taken in this time slot. If there is another incident where the second commercial is missed, this procedure will repeat itself until all breaks are taken. The only exception occurs when a five-minute (non- coincident) major penalty is called on a player. In this situation, the commercial break will occur at the prescribed time.

  5. Television timeouts are not allowed during the overtime period.

*Clarification; Numerical on ice differential.
When playing 4-4, 3-3 TV/power break is permitted.
When playing 5-4, 5-3, 4-3 TV/power break is not permitted