1. The entry of a player on the official game sheet will be regarded as participation in the game in question, even in cases where the player is not deployed. In the event of a ‘special circumstance’ after warm-ups and before the start of the game, a player change(s) may be accepted upon the approval, by notification, to an ICE Hockey League representative. Once the game has begun, it is no longer possible to enter or make a change of players on the official score sheet.

  2. The team managers authorized by each ICE Hockey League club are required to provide the home club's scorekeeper with a team roster using the lineup form at least 75 minutes prior to the start of each game. The roster must be filled out completely and accurately, and it must be signed and dated by the team manager.
    In this context, it is also necessary to refer to the IIHF Rulebook (see also the bylaws in the Annex). Should the team manager fail to submit the team roster, the ICE Hockey League club will not be able to claim that the entries on the official game sheet are inaccurate or incomplete.

  3. Each player who is not listed on the official game sheet will be considered ineligible to play, with the consequence of a game points allocation pursuant to Fundamental Rules Part II §5 (6) d)