1. Setting Schedule
    The punctual receipt of the setting schedule and the assignment of the referees must be guaranteed.

  2. Planned Framework Events
    The editors and the production must be informed in good time (at least three days before transmission) about planned events and their timing. Thereafter, changes to the sequence of pre-game or intermission programs can only be made in consultation with the ICE Hockey League Live TV Partner!

  3. Schedules TV
    The ICE Hockey League Live TV Partner creates a time schedule (disposition) for each transmission, which contains all the information necessary for the transmission and distributes this in good time (at least two days before transmission) to all relevant points.

  4. Lineups
    The announcement of the exact team line-ups on the day of the game must be made in good time (at least 45 minutes before the start of the game) with the ICE Hockey League Live TV Partner or its appointed service provider by the respective contact person of the clubs to the floor manager. That includes the starting six.

  5. Coordination of Face-Offs
    The possibility of agreement between the supervisor and the referee regarding the exact start times of the respective periods must be given. The times agreed with the supervisors must be strictly adhered to, any delays occurring must be reported immediately to the editorial office and to the supervisor on site.