1. (1) Verdict for “On-Ice Situations” | Department of Player Safety
    The Director of Hockey Operations will investigate and determine whether an additional suspension is deemed necessary.

    In cases where a suspension (not an automatic suspension) is deemed necessary, the respective means of evidence will be sent to the members of the Player Safety Committee (PSC). After receiving the judgment of the PSC members, the decision is final and distributed by the ICE Hockey League Director of Hockey Operations. An appeal process is possible against this decision. A detailed description of the appeal process is specified under § 10 (2). A detailed description of the procedure “DOPS” | “PSC” can be found in Appendix A.

    Should the original provision remain unconfirmed, or, if an imposition of sanctions is deemed unnecessary, the ICE Hockey League Disciplinary Senate will dismiss the charges. There are no legal means against this decision.

  2. The ICE Hockey League Justice Commission acts as the court of appeal for DOPS decisions. An appeal process against DOPS decisions (“On-Ice” decisions) is possible under the following conditions:

    • The appeal has to be sent in within a time limit from 12:00 o´clock of the next day after receiving the decision by DOPS with a written explanatory statement.

    • An appeal is only possible by the affected party.

    • The appeal condition is the payment of the appeal fee of € 2,500.- (ICE Young Stars League | ICE Juniors League € 500.-) until 12:00pm (noon) of the day after the DOPS decision. Simultaneously a proof of payment (e-banking receipt) has to be sent.

    • An appeal is only possible for DOPS decisions of more than 2 games.

    • DOPS has to send the appeal with a statement immediately to the Justice Commission.

    • The decision of the court of appeal is prior based on videos and reports.

    • The court of appeal can ask for feedback from international hockey specialists.

    • The court of appeal can raise and reduce sanctions.

    • An appeal has no penalty postponing effects.

    • The court of appeal decides within 48 hours after the end of the appeal deadline and not earlier than before the end of the DOPS decision following league game.

  3. A standardized justification of the verdict is sufficient. The verdict must contain a decision on the costs.

  4. There are no further legal means against the appeal decision of the ICE Hockey League Justice Commission as court of appeal for DOPS decisions.

  5. A founded appeal can be filed against the verdict of the ICE Hockey League Justice Commission with simultaneously transmission of proof of payment (e-banking receipt) of an appeal fee of € 5,000.- (per case) and flat-rate arbitration costs of € 2,000.- (per case) within two days, 12:00pm (noon) after delivery date, which has to be sent by e-mail to recht(at)ice.hockey and fax to +43 / (0)1 / 890 17 54 – 12. The arbitration court of the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation will decide on the appeal.