The ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga Disciplinary Senate can investigate all cases where violations of the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga Fundamental Rules, the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga GameBook and especially the IIHF Rule Book are known.

An official complaint by a club is possible only until 12:00pm (noon) the next day after a game in question. Simultaneously with the forwarding of the video evidence by email, an e-banking voucher stating € 500.- (application cost per case) have been paid to ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga organization has to be filed. In the case the complaint of a club gets accepted with a positive feedback, 50% of the fee will be returned to the respective allocation account of the club.

The ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga Disciplinary Senate informs the persons/clubs who are the subject of the official complaint via phone or by fax or e-mail about the respective complaint, with a request to file a written statement about the incident before 06:00pm on the same day.

Complaints about public violence or security failure can only be filed by the officiating team or an ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga supervisor on duty.

All complaints have to be sent to the following contacts:

E-Mail: recht(at) and Fax: +43 / (0)1 /89 01 754 - 12