The Sport Board disciplinary procedures are opened by the ICE Hockey League DOPS and/or the game supervisor’s disciplinary report indicating certain game incidents require supplementary jurisdiction or are opened at the sport board’s discretion for any incident of which it deems reviewable. The game supervisor shall provide the Sport Director and Sport Board chairman the same supervisor disciplinary report, all referee and linesmen reports and any other evidence relevant to any game incidents.

If, after an initial assessment of a game supervisor’s report, the Sport Board chairman determines that a supplementary jurisdiction case exists, the Sport Director may notify the respective participating club. For suspensions of four games or more, the accused party (via the participating club) have the opportunity to submit written and/or verbal comments (via email or other means depending on time restraints, as permitted by the Sport Board) within the deadline indicated in the notice (not less than 03:00pm the day following the game in question when the participating club plays another ICE Hockey League game the day following the game in question) - the underlined content in the brackets is not valid for ICE Hockey League Young Stars League | ICE Hockey League Juniors League.

All communication with the accused party, including notice, is addressed to the participating club who has the responsibility to inform the accused party. Communication is sent via e-mail and shall be deemed received the same day.
After providing notice to the accused party, the Sport Director shall notify the Sport Board members providing all relevant evidence/reports including video footage of the incident and any written comments from the accused party by 03:00pm the day following the game in question. (this is not valid for ICE Hockey League Young Stars League | ICE Hockey League Juniors League)