1. A maximum of 20 players and 2 goalkeepers can be indicated on the official game sheet.

  2. A minimum of 12 domestic players must be indicated on the official game sheet. Out of these 12 players a minimum of 2 domestic players must be in the age category U24. Only in provable situations, that makes it impossible for a club to reach to full 22-players line-up i.e., due to injuries/sickness, there might be less then 12 domestic players listed on the official game roster – in no case these domestic players can be replaced by players of any other category.

  3. In the event of illness or injury of a player or goalkeeper indicated on the official score sheet for warm-ups a change is permitted on the score sheet provided the score keeper, the referees and the opposing team are notified of such change a maximum of 10 minutes after the conclusion of warm-ups. Such changes must be official on the score sheet.
  min. 12 positions for domestic players in total max. 10 positions for
NON-domestic players
  min. 2 domestic under
24 players
min. 10 domestic over
24 players
born 1999 or later
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2 x x
3 x NAT x
4 x NAT x
5 x NAT x
6 x NAT x
7 x NAT x
8 x NAT x
9 x NAT x
10 x NAT x
11 x NAT x
12 x NAT x
13 x x FREE
14 x x FREE
15 x x FREE
16 x x FREE
17 x x FREE
18 x x FREE
19 x x FREE
20 x x FREE
21 x x FREE
22 x x FREE