Criminality in competition and match-fixing have become a global threat of sports and threaten to damage the fundamental characteristics of sports, the credibility, the fairness and the integrity of sports.

  1. Ineligible sports betting:

    Players and team staff must not bet on ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga games and on games of any ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga team in other championships (e.g. CHL).

  2. Compulsory registration of possible game manipulations:

    Every participant of a team (players, team staff etc.) in the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga has to register possible game manipulations. Therefore, it is obligatory establishing a confidant within the club.

  3. Commitment of instructions for prevention of game manipulation:

    Especially there has to be a youth program of instructions in prevention of game manipulation.

  4. Bribery:

    A person who offers, promises or grant an illegal advantage to any official functionary of the ERSTE BANK Eishockey Liga, the federation or a club, to a game official or a player or a third party directly or indirectly in order that this person violates the regulations will be punished according to the penalty catalogue Nr. 42 – 44.

    A person who is asking, accepts, promises or grant any kind of illegal advantage for himself or a third party or does not report any attempt immediately to the appropriate federation will be punished in the same way.

    Offense under this provision shall lapse after 5 years, unless a longer criminal statute of limitations exists, otherwise the longer criminal statute of limitations applies.