1. The ICE Hockey League can nominate a game delegate for every game during the championship. The game delegate is engaged to send a written report about each supervised ICE Hockey League game to the league office and the ICE Hockey League disciplinary commission on the following day.

  2. The home club has to grant an “All-area-Access” to the game delegate at all times from 2 hours before until 1 hour after the game.

  3. The instructions of the game-delegate have to be followed in any case

  4. The game delegate is checking and observing the following topics:

    • Technical issues such as Video Goal Judge System, commercial break materials, video upload system or online scoring

    • Observation of all security issues

    • Observation of all rules and regulations of game operations

    • Observation of all rules and regulations for marketing, sponsoring and TV

  5. In case of complaints in different areas, the league office will send a report to the respective club.

  6. For the ICE Hockey League regular season, each of the ICE Hockey League teams can have 3 sight visits/season (based over 52 game days), provided no issues or concerns were raised on the routine‘ sight visits.

  7. In the event a game delegate sight visit witnesses an issue or concern(s), where a follow up game must occur to secure the ICE Hockey League product, sponsorship or integrity may be affected or when the league has to send a league representative, more than once/season, to correct issues with VGJ, Game Center, etc. in an arena or games that require special attention or “high alert” games. The cost will be billed to the respective club at 300 Euros/visit + reasonable assumed travel expenses, which will occur until the problem(s) are corrected.

  8. When a team has willfully or intentionally broke the ICE Hockey League Bylaws or ICE Hockey League Regulations, the ICE Hockey League will send a game delegate and/or league representative at a cost to the guilty team of 500 Euros/game + reasonable assumed travel expenses, for a minimum of 6 games or as long as the issue(s) remain and billed directly to the team that created the issues.

  9. For the ICE Hockey League Play-Offs, the presence of a game delegate is of great importance. Meaning the possibility of sending a game delegate cannot be determined by a set amount of games. Instead, will be on a series by series nature.