1. From the arrival of the referees at the rink, until their leaving the rink, a security person has to be stationed directly at the door of the referee’s locker room. This security has to deny access to anyone except for the following: referees, referee attendant, referee supervisor, scorekeepers, ICE Hockey League game delegate and Director of Hockey Operations.  

  2. Unauthorized persons who enter the referee’s locker room or stay there have to be penalized with a fine by the ICE Hockey League Disciplinary Senate notwithstanding further punishment under the IIHF rules. The referees have to file an additional report on such an incident.

  3. The referees are to be accompanied on their way on and off the ice as well as towards the parking lot by sufficient security personnel to ensure attacks are prevented. The referees need to be provided with guarded or secured parking spots. The cost for damage occurred in the course of duty at a game will be borne by the responsible (i.e., the home) club plus applicable ICE Hockey League disciplinary actions.

  4. The way for referees towards their locker rooms needs to be guarded in such a way that neither teams nor spectators can attack them.

  5. Persons who physically attack the referees or throw objects at them must be penalized with a general arena ban. Furthermore, the particulars (personal data) of said persons need to be recorded and forwarded to the ICE Hockey League.