1. The rules of each arena and the official regulations applying to the venue list the items which spectators may not bring into the arena. A list of prohibited items compiled in cooperation with the Center for Sports Affairs (Zentrum für Sportangelegenheiten) at the Austrian Ministry of the Interior must be placed in a clearly visible location in all league arenas (entrance area).

  2. According to IIHF rules, spectators are not allowed to bring whistles or compressed air horns into the arena.

  3. Prohibited items such as glass containers/bottles and horns must not be offered for sale inside the arena.

  4. The promotional give-away activities of sponsors or partners must not involve the distribution of items which may be thrown as projectiles.

  5. Items which are considered pyrotechnical devices under the law of the respective country and “laser pointers” (meaning devices, which enable persons from the stands to direct or beam light towards players or officials on the ice) are not allowed at all.