1. Prior to the start of each season, each club is to provide the ICE Hockey League with the name of its security coordinator by August 1st, of each respective season; the security coordinator serves as the contact person responsible for security matters. The security coordinator may be an employee of the club, of the company which operates the game venue, or of a security service which is responsible for the game venue.

  2. The security coordinator must attend the training and orientation seminars held by the ICE Hockey League at least once per year.

  3. The security coordinator is to ensure the regular exchange of information and experiences with:

    1. the club's internal officials (event management, general management, fan relations officers).

    2. the ÖEHV and ICE Hockey League.

    3. external institutions (e.g., police, fire department).

    4. Head of sport activities (ZSA) from BM.I.

  4. Before each game, the security coordinator is required to obtain information on the planned schedule, arrival and departure of the teams and referees, expected spectators, the number of tickets sold in advance, any other peripheral events, special potential dangers, necessary countermeasures, planned deployment of security personnel, deployment meetings, information sheets, etc., and to pass this information on to the usher personnel.

  5. Prior to a game, the security coordinator is to exchange insights and information with the security coordinator from the opposing club.