1. The usher and security service must ensure safety and security in the course of the game. In particular, this includes protecting the spectators, the players, the referees, the coaches and club/league officials as well as media representatives.

    In this context, it is especially important to consider the special requirements of the often family-oriented audience, as long as no security issues conflict with this imperative. The traditionally peaceful fan culture should also be maintained and encouraged.

  2. The home club is required to comply with all legal and official regulations regarding the number and deployment of security and rescue personnel.

  3. All security personnel and ushers must be clearly recognizable as such (i.e., by means of specially colored vests/bibs, jackets, etc.).

  4. Only appropriately trained usher personnel may be used, with due fulfillment of liability law requirements and insurance requirements.

  5. Every club needs to use a minimum of professional usher personnel at home games according to the guidelines of the local authorities.