1. The sensitivity and the special significance of work carried out in the media areas are to be taken into account when selecting the usher service personnel assigned to these areas.

  2. The club must take the necessary and appropriate measures to protect media representatives and media areas and ensure that media representatives can work without disruptions or other disturbances. Attacks from spectators must be prevented. In case of such an incident, the person in question must be identified and penalized.

  3. The mixed zone and the press conference room must not be accessible to spectators. The home club must ensure that all players and coaches can pass through the mixed zone without contact with the spectator area. After the end of the game, access to the mixed zone must be restricted to media representatives, the media relations officers of the two clubs, the referee observers and league supervisors.

  4. Wherever possible under the security regulations of the game venue or of the ICE Hockey League, the work of ICE Hockey League's television partners must not be disturbed by usher personnel.