1. Signal Devices – Each rink must be provided with a siren, or other suitable sound device that will sound automatically at the conclusion of each period of play. Should the sound device fail to sound automatically when time expires, the determining factor as to whether or not the period has ended shall be the timing device.

  2. A light, normally red in color, will be situated at or near the timekeeper’s bench and will be illuminated when a power break timeout is in progress and immediately following a goal when TV requires a 45 second delay. This light will be extinguished when the commercial time-out is complete to indicate to the teams and the officials that play may resume.

  3. Timing Devices – Each rink shall be provided with some form of electronic clock for the purpose of keeping the spectators, players and game officials accurately informed as to all time elements at all stages of the game including the time remaining to be played in any period and the time remaining to be served by at least two penalized players on each team.

    Time recording for both game time and penalty time shall show time remaining to be played or served.

    The game time clock shall measure the time remaining in tenths of a second during the last minutes of each period.
    1. The rundown of the game clock has to start exactly 60 minutes before puck drop to start the game.

    2. In all games, the game clock must count down.

    3. Warm-up will start at 35 minutes on game clock and conclude at 20 minutes

Game preparation and starting six: The schedule prior to the game must be based on the game's starting time (puck drop) as specified in this GameBook.