An electronic device with the game clock time shown within dressing room is required, which must show the game time count down before each game and intermission time remaining during each intermission.

To the extent feasible and practicable, the officials room should be located in a secure and neutral area, free of direct contact by fans and club personal.

  1. Each ICE Hockey League club must provide for the referees, the following items for each game:
    • Beverages - bottled water, fruit juices (before game)
    • Fruit (before game)
    • 4 towels and shower products
    • Dinner for each official (immediately after the game)
    • Tapes (black, white & stretch)
    • Equipment service
    • If necessary support by team-doctor / physiotherapist.

  2. 4 secured parking stalls

  3. A security person has to be stationed at the door or access area of the referee's room.

  4. A security person must accompany referee's on the way to/from the ice surface. As well as to/from parking area in game's with high emotions or potential for issues.