1. Although the player’s benches are not a part of the ice surface, they are considered a part of the rink and are subject to all rules pertaining to the ice surface.

  2. Both player’s benches must be of the same dimensions and quality, offering advantage to neither team in any manner.

  3. Each player’s bench must be at least 10 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep.

  4. Each player’s bench must have two doors, one at either end.

  5. The player’s benches must be located on the same side of the rink, opposite their respective penalty boxes and the scorekeeper’s bench.

  6. Player’s benches must be enclosed on all three sides from spectators, the only open-air side being the one with direct access to the ice for the players themselves.

  7. A solid dividing petition must be implemented between the players bench.

  8. Each rink shall be provided with seats or benches for the use of players of both teams. The accommodations provided, including benches and doors, MUST be uniform for both teams. Such seats or benches shall have accommodation for at least 16 persons of each team. The benches shall be placed immediately alongside the ice as near to the center of the rink as possible.

  9. Each player’s bench shall have two doors which must be uniform in location and size. (“Mirrored image benches”) All doors opening to the playing surface shall be constructed so that they swing inward.