1. The rink must be contained within an enclosure known as boards which are made out of sections of wood or plastic and be painted white.

  2. The space between the panels which comprise the boards should be no more than 3 mm.

  3. The boards must be constructed in such a manner that the surface facing the ice must be smooth and free of any obstruction that could cause injury to players or unnaturally alter the course of a puck.

  4. The height of the boards should be 107 cm from the ice surface.

  5. Affixed to the bottom of the boards must be a yellow kick plate which extends around the entire circumference along the ice. It should be 15 – 25cm high.

  6. Affixed to the top of the boards must be a blue dasher which extends around the entire circumference of the boards and marks the area where the boards end and the protective glass begins. The dasher should be 110 cm from the concrete flooring under the ice.

*ICE Hockey League - 'Giveaway Rink Boards'
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