1. Panes of Plexiglas or similar acrylic material that are 12mm – 15mm thick and both transparent and of high durability must be inserted into and affixed to the top of the boards. The glass must be aligned using stanchions which allow the sections to be flexible. This is an obligatory component for IIHF competitions.

  2. The protective glass must be 2,4 meters high behind the goals and must extend at least 4,0 meters from the icing line towards the blue line. The glass must be 1,8 meters high along the sides except in front of the players’ benches.

  3. There is no protective glass permitted in front of the players’ benches, but there must be protective glass of similar height outlined in 14-ii behind and along the sides of the players’ benches and penalty boxes. Where the glass deviates from the boards there must be protective padding extending its full height.

  4. The protective glass and fixtures used to hold the boards in position must be mounted on the side away from the playing surface.

  5. The gaps between the panels of protective glass must not be more than 5mm.

  6. No openings or holes are allowed anywhere along the full circumference of the protective glass with the exception of a round hole 10 cm in width in front of the scorekeeper’s bench.

  7. The protective glass must be installed in such a way that one sheet can be replaced without compromising the integrity of any others.

*ICE Hockey League - 'Giveaway Rink Boards'