An electronic devise with the game clock time shown within dressing room is required, which must show the game time count down before each game and intermission time remaining during each intermission.

Locker Rooms

Clubs are to provide professional quality dressing rooms, with all parts of the room in a clean and orderly manner, sanitized(cleanliness) and secured from all people not associated with team (including kids teams, parents, etc. that may be using the ice previous to the game), at least 2 hours before game time.

  1. Entrance of teams:
    Preferably – different entrances to the ice rinks for both teams. For visiting team, a security presence and a covered canopy (moveable) structure when there is open access to the fans from the dressing room to the ice surface.
  2. Locker room requirements:
    • Sanitized shower stalls, toilets, sinks …
    • Internet availability
    • Laundry availability access (commercial grade washer/dryer) located within arena when requested by visiting team and/or game officials.
  3. Supply to guest team:
    • Extra coaches room for opposing coach
    • Medical room availability
    • Minimum –3 bikes for warm-up
    • 30 towels for showering
    • 10 towels for the player bench
    • Coffee before the game
    • Bus parking with easy access for visiting team to/from arena within a secured area. Security presence at all times while visiting team is entering and exiting the facility
    • Shower products (shampoo, soap …)